About Us

Established in 2000, Noor And Sons has always positioned itself as Single Point for rechargeable energy products as well as Advance IT solutions.

We leverage technology to deliver integrated, comprehensive and world-class, IT and alternate power and its protection solutions, designed to satisfy present and future needs.

Noor & Sons : We bring with ourselves vast experience backed by finest products & solutions to our clients in accordance to their business requirements to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide the infrastructure to facilitate growth..

Noor & Sons provides advance IT and alternate power solutions to clients; we provide our customers seamless integration and stable solution with maximum return on investment for the customer. Noor & Sons office location at the heart of the city enables customer reach within no time and our fastest delivery partners ensures goods are delivered as soon as ordered. We are in process of acquiring office locations at Lahore & Islamabad, just to ensure our own presence for customers. We have our satisfied customers in Pakistan as well abroad..

Noor & Sons still believe true success is a consequence of integrity, hard work and total commitment to customers. Some people may believe our thinking a bit behind the times but we don’t take this lightly. We strive everyday to provide the level of service that is deserving of our clients continued loyalty. Old Fashioned. We know..