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Noor & Sons provides advance IT and alternate power solutions to clients; we provide our customers seamless integration and stable solution with maximum return on investment for the customer. Noor & Sons office location at the heart of the city enables customer reach within no time and our fastest delivery partners ensures goods are delivered as soon as ordered. We are in process of acquiring office locations at Lahore & Islamabad, just to ensure our own presence for customers. We have our satisfied customers in Pakistan as well abroad.

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Outback Inverter / Chargers

Noor and Sons being the Distributor feels pride in bringing industry leading products of Outback inverter / chargers to Pakistani market..

OutBack Power inverter/chargers have a reputation of delivering superior product performance for remote off-grid power systems. With the recent introduction of the Radian Series Inverter/Charger, OutBack now offers an ideal solution for advanced Grid/Hybrid applications and full flexibility for grid-interactive and off-grid installations. The FX Series Inverter/Charger is a pure sine wave inverter in modular form, one capable of producing cleaner, more reliable electricity than what's available from typical electrical grids—and adaptable to nearly any system configuration through a building-block design. This product can be optimized for a variety of applications including off-grid, grid-interactive, mobile and low power applications.

The new Grid/Hybrid™ Radian Series Inverter/Charger family is engineered with one goal: making system design and installation easier and faster in grid-interactive and comprehensive off-grid applications. Based on OutBack’s proven technology foundation, the Radian Series simplifies the configuration, distribution, and implementation of energy storage through a standardized approach when integrated with an OutBack GS Load Center, making it easier than ever to provide successful solutions for virtually any residential, commercial or institutional power requirement.

Outback Inverter / Chargers Products

OutBack Power inverter/chargers have a reputation of delivering superior product performance for remote off-grid power systems. With the recent introduction of the Radian Series Inverter/Charger, OutBack now offers an ideal solution for advanced Grid/Hybrid applications and full flexibility for grid-interactive and off-grid installations..

FXR Grid/Hybrid Series

  • FXR E Series (230V)
  • The latest, most advanced features on the industry’s most trusted and proven platform—that’s the essence of OutBack’s new FXR Series of Grid/Hybrid inverter/chargers. Capable of off-grid or grid-connected operation in a single model, the FXR Grid/Hybrid inverter/chargers provide system designers with unprecedented flexibility and compatibility for nearly any power conversion scenario. The new FXR features and technologies on the acclaimed FX platform include: Both off-grid and grid-tied functionality in one unit Seven programmable modes, including GridZero and Support Mode, and built-in networked communications Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) with expanded charging voltages and time parameters, enabling system designers to accommodate the specific charging profiles and algorithms of new and emerging energy storage technologies including Lithium Ion, Aqueous Ion and Flow Chemistry batteries Easy system upgradability in the field FXR inverter/chargers can be paired with a MATE3 to add OPTICS RE to monitor and control system performance from any location. Available in power ranges from 2000W-3000W, multiple units may be stacked and connected with other OutBack Power electronics for more seamless system integration and the ability to function in a wide variety of applications, and system sizes. Up to nine inverters can be combined in a 3-phase system with the 12V, 24V or 48V models, and up to 30kW in a grid-tied 24V or 48V system. The exclusive modular system architecture means that increased power output is just an additional FXR inverter/charger away. Available in sealed or vented units with NEMA type 1 die-cast aluminum chassis designed to operate in the harshest environmental conditions such as high temperatures, humidity or corrosive salt air, the FXR’s continue in OutBack’s tradition of absolute dependability in mission critical installations no matter how harsh or challenging the conditions.

Radian Series

  • Radian Series GS8048A/GS4048A (60Hz)
  • Radian Series GS7048E/GS3548E (50Hz)
  • Radian Series GS8048 (60Hz)
  • Radian Series GS7048E/GS3548E (50Hz)
  • The Radian Series GS8048A and GS4048A Grid/Hybrid™ (full-flexibility grid-interactive/off-grid) Inverter/Charger is engineered toward one goal: making system design and installation easier and faster in grid-interactive and comprehensive off-grid applications. The new Radian Series inherit the hallmark features of the original design, including: dual AC inputs for grid/generator flexibility with no external switching required, unparalleled surge capability and operational stability, easy field upgradeability and stacking capability for large system scaling, simplified system commissioning through a powerful, easy-to-use configuration wizard, and multi-mode operational flexibility. In addition, both models have a new Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) profile option to support leading-edge battery technologies such as Lithium-Ion and others, and enhanced diagnostics for improved performance. And both incorporate OutBack’s GridZero technology, a superior level of intelligence in energy management for self-generation and self-consumption programs, providing precise balancing between using stored energy, solar and utility power, blending-in the latter to overcome surges and load spikes when needed. GridZero operation makes it possible for a smaller inverter and battery system to perform like a much larger one when required, putting stored and renewable energy sources to work and minimizing grid dependence. GridZero technology make the new Radians ideal for use in complex utility environments such as California and Hawaii. The GS8048A and GS4048A are certified to UL1741 for US applications, and CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 for Canada, and is IEC 62109-1 certified to meet the most stringent worldwide PV safety and emission standards. This product is for selected North, Central and Latin American markets.
We serve all kind of inverters availible with Outback, For more information check Outback Website
Outback Power

SmartHarvest by OutBack represents a line of renewable energy electronics aimed at meeting the growing global demand for value-orientated, low power-range renewable energy system components.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charge Controllers SmartHarvest's mission is to make the advanced technologies usually associated with premium PV energy systems available to users regardless of their system size or budget. The SCCM charge controller models accomplish this goal by placing MPPT charge controller capability within reach of a much wider application base, ensuring higher system yeilds at the power and size levels where that can advantage can make the most difference. Pulse-Width Modulation (PMW) Charge Controllers PMW charge controllers are elegant, proven system solutions. SmartHarvest's SCCP charge controller models scale this economical solution for use in small PV systems dedicated to specific applications, such as powering a light, appliance or charging a back-up battery system connected to a smart phone, PC, wireless network adapter or other critical electronic devices.

SCCM20-100 Charge Controller

  • 20A/100V Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller
  • Ensures maximum yield from available solar energy
  • Integrated LED display for PV and battery status
  • Built-in electronic protection circuitry
  • Backed by OutBack Power's global sales and support network
  • The most efficient, high-yield battery charging technology available, at a price normally associated with PWM designs. In any PV/solar energy system with energy storage, performance is dependent on the batteries, and the batteries in turn entirely depend on the charge controller for charging efficiency and longevity. SmartHarvest makes it possible for a wider range of PV solar electricity systems to take full advantage of premium Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging technology with the SCCM20-100—MPPT, for the price of the usual Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) style products generally found in smaller-scale systems. The SmartHarvest SCCM20-100 improves system economics in several ways. It is designed for installation and set-up simplicity, reducing labor time in the field. By maximizing solar energy harvesting under a wider variety of environmental conditions, MPPT technology helps the system extract as much electricity as possible for more effective energy storage. It is ideal for use in a wide-range of residential, light commercial, agricultural, community and other applications that can benefit from better yields through more advanced charge controller technology.

SCCM10-100 Charge Controller

SCCP05-050 Charge Controller

SCCP10-050 Charge Controller

Solar Power Stations (SPS)

  • Ideal for any application where remote power is needed
  • 12, 24 and 48 volt output configurations
  • Factory built and tested engineered solutions
  • Quality racking rated for 90 MPH winds
  • The SmartHarvest by OutBack Solar Power Station (SPS) line consists of five manufactured, outdoor rated, solar-powered solutions designed to make it easy to power lower-voltage DC systems at remote sites. Think of them as “south-facing electrical outlets” that can provide continuous DC power in areas where there are no sources of electricity nearby—the ideal alternative to grid power for operating DC loads in the field. SPS eliminates the need for trenching a power line or installing power poles to the site. The five systems are designed to operate with a solar resource of approximately 3 hours a day or more depending on solar conditions and other factors (continental USA average); their powering capacities range from typical continuous load support of 11-47W, and (depending on location and solar conditions) maximum loads from 24-95W. SPS models are engineered for continuous, autonomous and automatic operation with little field maintenance required once installed and connected. And they can go practically anywhere, with powder-coated NEMA 3R rated enclosures to resist weather extremes, and solar racking designed to withstand up to 90 mph winds. The on-board EnergyCell RE batteries and charge controller are engineered for long service life under a wide range of temperature conditions. Built-in breakers protect all sensitive internal circuits.


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An isolation transformer is a transformer used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current (AC) power to some equipment or device while isolating the powered device from the power source, usually for safety. Isolation transformers provide galvanic isolation and are used to protect against electric shock, to suppress electrical noise in sensitive devices, or to transfer power between two circuits which must not be connected. Isolation transformers block transmission of the DC component in signals from one circuit to the other, but allow AC components in signals to pass. Suitably designed isolation transformers block interference caused by ground loops. Isolation transformers with electrostatic shields are used for power supplies for sensitive equipment such as computers or laboratory instruments.